Metal Buildings of Ocala offers a variety of metal building options to meet your needs such as metal industrial buildings, metal recreational buildings, and even enclosed metal carports. We can customize any metal building to fit your specific requirements!


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Metal Buildings Ocala can meet your specific needs, whether a new multifaceted sports complex, a garage, or a barndominium for you to live in. Our buildings are durable and can withstand even the most extreme weather conditions. Our knowledgeable staff is here to help you find the perfect option for your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our metal structures our metal building installers are the best in the area.

Custom Steel Buildings

What can we do for you? Metal Buildings Ocala can provide a wide range of services, including designing and fabricating structures, engineering services, and installation. We can help you choose the right type of metal for your structure, employ the best installation techniques, and provide ongoing maintenance and repair services. Custom builds are also our specialty. Whether you need a 20×30 metal carport or even a 12×20 metal carport, we’ve got you covered!

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Metal Buildings Ocala is the best metal repair, restoration, and construction company in the area. Our team also strives to uphold our standards!

Metal Structure Service Types To Choose From

Take a look at some of the many services we have to offer!

Commercial Metal Buildings

Metal Buildings Ocala can provide an affordable, durable solution for any commercial building need – from retail to office space.

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Residential Metal Buildings

Residential metal structures are perfect for any family looking to save money on home building costs.

Barndominium Building Structures

Barndominiums are a popular type of residential building that uses metal structures to create a sleek, modern look.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is What People Ask Us

The major benefits of metal structures buildings are their affordability, durability, and environmental friendliness. Metal structure buildings are typically much more affordable than traditional building materials such as wood and concrete, and they can last many years without requiring significant maintenance or repairs.

There are no specific restrictions on where metal structure buildings can be built – they’re available in virtually any location suitable for traditional building materials. However, plan to build a metal structure building in an area prone to extreme weather conditions (for example, near the ocean or in a cold climate). It may be worth considering investing in construction reinforcements such as galvanized steel headers and girders.

It typically takes about two months to build a metal building structure from start to finish, depending on the complexity of the construction project. But this may heavily vary depending on the size of the building, location, terrain, etc.

Metal garages, sheds, shacks, carports, and barndominiums are just a few of the services we can offer. If you have any questions regarding a structure you want to be built, do not hesitate to give us a call!

At Metal Buildings Ocala, we understand that every building project is unique. That’s why we offer various metal structure building services to help you choose the right solution for your needs. We can help you choose the suitable metal structure building material for your project, provide installation services according to all state and federal building codes, and more. Contact us today to learn more about our metal structure building services in the Ocala area!

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